Taraka Ratna Rushed To Hospital Due To Cardiac Arrest!

The much-awaited padayatra of Nara Lokesh started today. His Bava Nandamuri Taraka Ratna reached out to Kuppam to support him. As an unfortunate incident, the tall hero fainted at the yatra and was taken to the hospital for treatment. He is said to have suffered a cardiac arrest.

Reports said that he felt suffocated when Telugu Desam Party followers gathered in big numbers at the yatra. Taraka Ratna was taken to the nearby hospital at Kuppam. It is said that he might be taken to a hospital in Bengaluru for better treatment if possible.

Gorantla Butchaiah Chowdary said that Taraka Ratna suffered a cardiac arrest and the valves that take blood to the heart were blocked and the required treatment was given. The TDP MLA said that an Angiography was performed on the actor by the doctors.

Knowing this Nandamuri Balakrishna and others reached the hospital and stayed with Taraka Ratna. The treatment is going on and we can expect a complete report on his health condition by the evening.

Taraka Ratna has been taking an active part in the party activities these days. He earlier said that he would contest the next elections on the party ticket.

The Nandamuri hero is said to have contributed largely to the arrangements that were made for the padayatra led by Nara Lokesh. Working on the arrangements largely and getting flocked by the Telugu Desam Party activities might have triggered the situation as per the reports.
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