Why Is BVS Ravi Entirely Blaming Him?

Writer-turned-director BVS Ravi is banking high on the success of the celebrity talk show ‘Unstoppable with NBK'. The talk show is in its second season and is expected to finish the current season. He might have started his career as a writer but he saw big success with the NBK show.

BVS Ravi also got the opportunity to bring the actor in him with small cameos in films like Raviteja's Dhamaka, Krack, and Nandamuri Balakrishna's recent outing Veera Simha Reddy. These roles sent a message that BVS Ravi has good timing and comes in handy for the roles.

But his stint as a director was not that great. He directed two films and they ended up as duds. He became a director with Gopichand's Wanted and Sai Dharam Tej's Jawaan is his second venture. Sadly both films failed at the box office.

In his recent interview, BVS Ravi spoke about Jawaan and blamed producer Dil Raju. He said that he wanted to make Jawaan in a particular genre but Dil Raju asked him to add a family element to it and the soul of the film was lost in translation.

Saying Sai Dharam Tej also backed the idea to add a family angle to the story, the writer-director said that the comparison with the Tamil version of Dhruva might have also impacted the film's performance.

Dil Raju might be one of the top producers in Tollywood now. But he had a humble beginning in the industry. Dil Raju started his journey as a distributor and eventually became a producer. Dil Raju faced such allegations earlier too.

Dil Raju introduced many directors. But they became his critics later. Director Boyapati Srinu who established himself as a mass director was introduced by Dil Raju with Ravi Teja starrer Bhadra.

However, Boyapati Srinu did not join hands with Dil Raju after Bhadra. In an interview, the director said that he will not work with the producer again as he cheated him. His comments created a sensation in the industry back then as Dil Raju is a producer. Now BVS Ravi said Dil Raju spoiled his plans with Jawaan.
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