Goldmines Getting Ready For 'AVPL' Hindi Release Again!

Icon Star Allu Arjun gained a massive craze after the unexpected success of 'Pushpa' in North India. 'Goldmines' which released 'Pushpa' in Hindi decided to release the dubbed version of Bunny's blockbuster film 'Ala Vaikunthapuramlo' which came out in 2020. This film was a huge success at the Tollywood box-office and the songs became popular nationwide too.

The 'Goldmines' company thought that it would be great to release this film in Hindi. The announced the release date and unveiled the trailer too. But it had to be withdrawn due to obvious reasons. The Hindi remake of 'Ala Vaikunthapuramlo' is titled 'Shehzada' which has Karthika Aryan and Kriti Sanon playing the lead. Allu Aravind and Haarika & Hassine Creations who produced the Telugu version and the co-producers of the Hindi version as well.

The trailer has been released and the songs are coming out one after the other. The movie is coming out on 10th February amidst a lot of hype since Karthik Aryan is a crazy star now. While the Goldmines team released an official statement regarding their withdrawal from releasing the dubbed version of Allu Arjun starrer, they decided to release it on the YouTube channel once again now. They released a small trailer and stated that it will be coming out on the internet on 2nd February 2023. It is just releasing one week before the release of 'Shehzada' and the Hindi remake will be severely affected if the dubbed version comes out. Let us see what happens.

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