FDIs: Where Telugu States Stand In The List!

Foreign direct investments hold a key role in development. The investments result in companies and big firms coming into the regions. In countries like India, they hold even bigger relevance. The policy was introduced in India to boost the development and Industrial growth in the country.

The data compiled by the Union government says that between 2019 to 2022 as many as over 1,261,471 crores. In just three years the investments came. Overall India received a massive investment of $523 billion in the last eight years. This shows how India has been a big player in getting investments.

The top two states that received the major share of the direct investments are no wonder. Maharashtra and Karnataka are in the top two positions. The two states are among the most developed states. What makes them special is that both states have a few developed regions rather than focusing on just one area. Irrespective of the government the states get good investments.

Talking about the two Telugu states, there is no competition. While Telangana is going strong, Andhra Pradesh is not a competition. In the last three years, AP received just 4960 crores. This is very less and the state is yet to be developed.

It has to be mentioned here that Telangana attracted around Rs 21,000 crores in the recent Davos trip. This was revealed by the Telangana IT Department in a tweet. In just one year Telangana attracted over three times the investment AP received in three years.

The data says that Telangana got six times the investments the fellow state received. While Telangana got over 30,000 crores, AP attracted less than 5,000 crores. The IT corridor in Hyderabad is seeing more and more investments.
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