Right-wingers Threaten To Burn Pathaan Theatres!

The Boycott trend is proving to be costly for the Bollywood industry. Due to various reasons, many films became a target of the trend. Even big heroes like Aamir Khan and Akshay Kumar could not score hits. Akshay Kumar established himself as the hit machine with back-to-back hits. Despite this Akshay fails to score a hit.

Shah Rukh Khan starrer Pathaan also landed in controversy. The Right-wingers expressed their dissatisfaction with the film after the Besharam Rang song was released. Not happy with the colour of the Bikini worn by Deepika Padukone, a Boycott demand was raised.

Not just the common people, but even politicians backed the demand. The Home Minister of a state said that Pathaan film should be banned as it had hurt their sentiments. The issue created a big sensation that Prime Minister Narendra Modi reportedly urged the BJP leaders to not talk about the films.

As today marks the grand release of the film, a theatre saw intense protests. A few Right-wing activists created a ruckus outside a theatre in Bihar. Tearing the poster of the film, they burnt them and demanded that the film should not be screened.

Not just that, they have reportedly given a threatening call to the owners of the theatres that the establishments will be burnt if the Pathaan film is screened. This is said to have happened on Tuesday as per the media reports.

The Pathaan fever is such that many theatres in a few states sought Police protection as there is fear that anything can happen. It appears that the theatre owners are not ready to take any risk here.
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