Why These Many Conditions Imposed On Nara Lokesh's Yatra?

Former Minister Nara Lokesh is gearing up to launch his much-awaited padayatra titled Yuva Galam. The Yatra will be started on the 27th of this month. Yuva Galam will pass through more than 100 constituencies covering thousands of kilometers to meet the people in these regions.

Though the party cadre and leaders are happy with the yatra several doubts were raised about the yatra as the controversial G.O. No. 1 which regulates public meetings and political rallies. The Government Order says that no big events can be held on the roads without proper permission.

After two political events held by the opposition Telugu Desam Party reported stampedes the Andhra Pradesh government came up with the Government Order to regulate the meetings. Despite severe criticism, the ruling party did not take any backstep. The GO not only impacted political events but also film events in the state.

So this raised many doubts about whether the events planned by the opposition parties would be allowed or not. Putting a full stop to this, the Police department gave a nod to the yatra. The happiness of getting permission for the Yuva Galam did not last long as there are a few conditions to this.

Usually when a yatra is planned it either gets permission for across the state or it doesn't get the permission. But this is not the case with Yuva Galam. Permission was given for just three days. If any violations or tense situations erupt the permission will be canceled.

As per the new GO Nara Lokesh should get permission from the Police of every district the yatra has to go to. Till permission is received the yatra cannot go further and this will break the flow of it. Any yatra will be active only when it goes without any break. But the conditions imposed on the yatra are making many think if the government wants to impose any conditions.

Telugu land is famous for yatras and many leaders including Jagan's father YSR went on for a yatra. But none of them faced any issues. Jagan's mother Vijayamma earlier said that those who stop the activities of the opposition are not supporters of democracy.
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