'Pathaan' Movie Review

Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, John Abraham, Dimple Kapadia, Ashutosh Rana and others.

Music: Sanchit Balhara – Ankit Balhara

Cinematography: Satchith Paulose

Screenplay: Shridhar Raghavan

Producer: Aditya Chopra

Story – Direction: Siddharth Anand

King Khan Shah Rukh Khan is making a comeback after a gap of more than 4 years with 'Pathaan'. His last film was 'Zero' and he is aiming to score big with a action thriller under Siddharth Anand's direction. Known for his action flicks like 'Bang Bang' and 'War', Siddharth made this film on a grand scale and the trailer impressed the audience a lot. With a lot of hype and controversy surrounding the project, let us see how the movie turned out.


Pathaan (Shah Rukh Khan) is an orphan who becomes a soldier after growing up. He is ready to die for the country and later joins 'RAW' where he does a lot of missions for India. He gets severely injured during one mission and comes out of 'RAW'. He develops a special team who are all out of 'RAW' due to injuries during missions. His team is called by the government to catch Jim (John) who was a part of RAW but becomes a traitor. What made Jim act against his own country? Where does Deepika come into this story? Will Pathaan stop Jim? All these questions will be answered in the movie.


Shah Rukh Khan is known for his style, swag and charm. Whatever character he does, he injects is own style and uniqueness into it that mesmerises the audience. But it has been a long time since the directors made full use of the star hero's potential. In the last ten years, he came up with a lot of disappointing films and his 'Zero' was a huge disaster. It looks like the star hero knew what went missing in his movies only when he decided to take some time off the movies. Joining hands with Siddharth Anand who is known for his trendy and stylish action films is one of the best decisions he made. The director not only made the film with his mark twists but also made sure that there is ample stuff for Shah Rukh fans to cheer. His presentation was wonderful and how will be audience not like this film when SRK is showcased in the best way possible?

There will be a set of expectations when Siddharth Anand is coming with a movie. There needs to be high-octane action scenes. There needs to cat and mouse game between the hero and villain. The hero character should be strong and powerful despite being subtle. Villain showed be stylish and sometimes more powerful than the hero. There needs to be some interesting twists in the movie which are paired up with racy screenplay.

All the above-mentioned things are in abundance in 'Pathaan'. The movie might not look very appealing when you hear the basic plotline. It is a movie about two characters where one gets angry towards the country for not saving his family while he did everything for him and another person who thinks that a soldier needs to think about what to do for the country rather than what the country did for him. Their fights and plotting against each other is impressive. The screenplay and narration which are quite trendy engage the audience. Usually, we don't see many hero elevations scenes in Bollywood flicks but Siddharth made sure that such scenes are on par with South Indian movies this time. He made sure that SRK is portrayed in the best away and gave him immense elevations throughout the movie which drew whistles from the audience.

SRK's wit and charm even made some routine scenes enjoyable. He competed with young heroes during the action scenes and his body is just amazing to watch. Instead of hyping up the villain and revealing him before interval, the director established the fight between hero and villain very early which worked in the movie's favour. The scenes between Shah Rukh and Deepika are engaging too. The interval twist shocks the audience and the movie goes to next level when Salman Khan enters the picture. The conversations between Shah Rukh and Salman are mind-blowing and the action scenes featuring the two Khans are a treat to watch. After such a high, the movie slows down a bit and a few scenes bore the audience.

But things improve during the pre-climax once again and despite going overboard with the virus war thread, the viewers gets engaged due to the action and elevations. It is SRK who drives the movie during these parts and there are some scenes where the screenplay helped the star hero too. 'Pathaan' may not appeal to the family audiences due to the high doses of action and glamour but the youth are going to enjoy the movie a lot.


We can see the charm and swag of Shah Rukh Khan in 'Pathaan'. This movie shows us the impact he can create if the right story and director comes his way. His unmatchable aura is the biggest asset of the movie. Despite being a serious character, his unique sense of humour showcases his specialty. His expressions are a treat to watch and creates a huge impact on the viewers. His physique is applause-worthy.

Deepika Padukone excelled as an ISI agent. She looked too glamorous in the movie and did equally well as SRK during the action episodes. John Abraham is perfect as the villain. He is more stylish than the hero and did a very good job. He is super fit as usual. Dimple Kapadia and Ashutosh Rana are decent in supporting roles while Salman Khan made the masses go crazy with his special cameo.


Action films from Yash Raj banner always have super high standards in terms of technical quality. 'Pathaan' is no different and the producers spent even more as it is an SRK film. The visuals do justice to every penny spent on this movie. The production design is quite grand and the background score is very stylish. It goes with the flow of the movie and the music used for hero elevations and villain scenes are quite impressive. The songs are decent as the visuals attract you more.

Satchith Paulose's camera work is impeccable and writer-director Siddharth Anand gave the viewers what is expected from his movies. The movie is a feast for action lovers. Just like 'War' and 'Bang Bang', 'Pathaan' is a full-length action flick and he designed SRK's character quite well. He brought the best out of the iconic hero and his race screenplay is also a huge plus. He attracts the youth with his presentation. He scores good marks as a director.

Verdict: A Complete Action Feast!

Rating: 3/5
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