'Thegimpu' Movie Review!

'Thegimpu' Movie Review!

Cast: Ajith, Manju Warrior, Samuthirakani, Ajay, John Kokkein, Veera, Pavani Reddy and others.

Music: Ghibran

Cinematography: Nirav Shah

Dialogues: Rajesh Murthy

Producer: Boney Kapoor

Writer - Director: H. Vinoth

Top Tamil star hero Ajith has arrived this Sankranti season with 'Thegimpu'. It released in competition with Vijay's 'Varasudu' and there is a lot of hype over this project. The trailer raised the expectations heavily and H. Vinoth who made two movies with Ajith already has handled the megaphone once again. Let us find out how this action thriller turned out.


In order to steal the excessive 500 crores in 'Your Bank' of Vishakapatnam, a police officer brings in a masked gang. While they are doing their robbery, Red Devil (Ajith) who is already in the back starts fighting them. With his team, Red Devil takes the complete bank under his control. Why did Red Devil act in such a way? What is his background? With police department out front and goons inside the bank, what will he do? All these questions will be answered in this movie.


During the flashback scene, tens of rowdies attack the hero's house with huge machine guns. Despite getting a bit tensed at the beginning, hero ends them all. Though he got some bullet wounds, he walks out safely. In the present, the hijackers in the bank once again attack the hero with guns. Nothing happens to the hero. Then, the police attack the hero with rocket launchers but hero remains unscathed. When the hero is travelling on a speedboat, a lot og goons chase him from behind on boats and this time there are helicopters on top too. They fire bullets towards him but nothing happens. The entire movie runs on the same note. Every action sequence is aimed at elevating heroism and nothing else. The story around the fraud in private banks is not narrated convincingly and there is no emotional connect in the story. Despite a few good episodes, the endless action becomes more than you can take.

It looks like 'Thegimpu' is inspired by world famous web series 'Money Heist'. While the Professor stays outside the bank and runs the proceedings, our hero is directly in the bank. Without starting the film on a routine note like a huge fight, intro and song, the director went straight into the story and introduced us to the characters. By keeping the motive of the hero as a secret, he managed to retain the curiosity of the audience. Most of the proceedings in the first half manages to engage you despite being a bit length. You don't get bored while watching this movie.

But the problem starts in the second half. The flashback scene which explains the suspense factor lacked punch. There is no logic in a lot of places like showing hero as a robber and revealing that he is working for a noble cause. With no strong reason, he takes such a huge risk of robbing the back and the episode where the director explains about cards, mutual friends and others is quite lengthy. The director failed to convince the audience here. It is way over-the-top when you showcase a bank chairman scamming twenty five thousand crores. People wait for the end card in the second half but it never arrives. Barring fights, there are no other interesting elements in this movie. Apart from a few highs in the first half, 'Thegimpu' comes as a disappointing film from Ajith. Knowing his craze, it may work in Tamil but not anywhere else.


This movie is a complete one man show of Ajith. He dominated the screen completely and his performance his very stylish. With a complete white hair and white beard, he looked different but his physique leaves a lot to be desired. When the movie is filled with action sequences, hero has to look sharp but Ajith did not focus on that.

This is a not a role that suits the potential of Manju Warrior. It was a very basic role and her performance is decent. Samuthirakani impressed the audience with his acting and Ajay did a good job too. John Kokkain is okay as the villain and rest of the actors are okay.


'Thegimpu' has rich technical standards. Ghibran once again showed his worth through his background scores. His work in action sequences is brilliant. There are no importance to songs and they were not picturized effectively. Dialogues do not have much importance in this movie. Cinematography by Nirav Shah is phenomenal. His arial shots and work during action blocks is a treat to watch. Production values by Boney Kapoor are top notch.

Writer-director Vinoth's hard work can be seen on screen but his story lacked the required punch. His hero character hasn't been written properly as people don't get emotionally attached to it. Few things he said about private banks are confusing. Barring a few episodes, the director disappointed with 'Thegimpu'.

Verdict: Only Action – No Emotion

Rating: 1.75/5
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