'Dhamaka' Movie Review


Cast: Ravi Teja, Sreeleela, Jayram, Sachin Khedkar, Tanikella Bharani, Rao Ramesh, Chiraag Jaani, Sri Tej, Ali, Praveen, Hyper Aadi, Tulasi, Pavitra Lokesh and others

Music: Bheems Ceciroleo

Cinematography: Karthik Ghattamaneni

Story – Screenplay – Dialogues: Prasanna Kumar Bezawada

Producer: TG Viswa Prasad

Direction: Trinadhrao Nakkina


After delivering a blockbuster with 'Krack' last year, Mass Maharaj Ravi Teja had two setbacks this year in the form of 'Khiladi' and 'Ramarao On Duty'. He pinned a lot of hopes on 'Dhamaka'. Hattrick writer-director combo Trinadhrao Nakkina and Prasanna Kumar Bezawada made this film and the trailer was quite impressive as well. This raised the expectations on the movie. Let us see if Ravi Teja's film reached them or not.




Swami (Ravi Teja) is a middle class guy who gets a job after a lot of struggle but loses it before the wedding of his sister. He looks exactly like Vivek (Ravi Teja) who is the heir to thousands of crores. Swamy proposes to Pranavi (Sreeleela) but her father fixes her marriage to Vivek. She decides to travel with both of them and take a final decision. They both like Pranavi and Vivek's company gets attacked by JK (Jayaram) who tries to take it from them. What happens next and whom does Pranavi choose forms the rest of the story.



Ravi Teja is synonymous for mass movies. People mostly expect mass action entertainers from him. But an overdose of anything can frustrate the audience. People expect some part of the movie to be unique. That is why Ravi Teja tries something different once in a while but they fail badly. 'Ramarao On Duty' is one such film that disappointed the fans heavily and even the common audience wanted to see him go back to his original style. But a mass movie doesn't mean making the same movie again and again. There are numerous films that are similar to 'Dhamaka'. The list is definitely endless and 'Dhamaka' offered nothing new throughout its runtime. Every scene reminds people of some other movie which makes you feel that Prasanna Kumar and Trinadhrao cooked an outdated routine mass film right at the beginning. Despite Mass Maharaj's valiant efforts to lift the film, his efforts went in vain.

It looks like the writer and director decided to showcase Ravi Teja at his energetic best as soon as he okayed their movie. They tried to replicate the Ravi Teja which we saw in movies like 'Venky', 'Kick', 'Vikramarkudu', 'Don Seenu' and 'Dubai Seenu'. It feels like they achieved it at the beginning few scenes. The intro fight, beating the guys who teased the heroine and other scenes make us believe that they are using Ravi Teja's potential quite well. But the problem starts when the story begins. Ravi Teja asks Jayaram if he is a relative to Trivikram in one scene. It looks like the 'Dhamaka' team got inspired from Trivikram's recent movies for penning this story. They used the same 'Company Takeover' concept which has been beaten to death by Trivikram himself. The suspense maintained about the connection between the two characters and the twist before the interval engages the viewer. But the story disappoints heavily from there.

While there are some sparks in the first half, the second half gets too routine for anyone's liking. We have seen Ravi Teja doing the innocent guy act in front of the villain and bringing him down at the end many times before. They showcased the villains as jokers which gives zero challenge to the hero. The scenes around 'Double Game' makes the graph fall down even further. Even Ravi Teja's acting becomes routine and run of the mill by this point. We can understand the situation when Aadi's Jabarasth punches turn out to be comic relief in the second half. While Ravi Teja and Sreeleela dancing for the 'Pulsar Bandi' song is nice to watch, there is no connection to the story. It is good not to talk about the climax and the 'outdated' feeling completely dominates the proceedings. Apart from a few scenes, good songs, dialogues and Ravi Teja's energetic acting work in favour of 'Dhamaka' and nothing else.




Ravi Teja was presented in a way that his fans wanted to see him for a long time. His mass comedy is a treat to watch and his tremendous energy lit up the screen throughout the movie. But the regular audience may find his action routine. Sreeleela looked very beautiful in the movie and the youth will definitely love her. But she looked very too young beside Ravi Teja. Her acting is decent. Jayaram did a good job as the villain. Sachin Khedkar did a role that suited him perfectly. Hyper Aadi tried to entertain the audience with his Jabardasth comedy. Rao Ramesh and Aadi's combination scenes worked out pretty well. Sree Tej, Tanikella Bharani, Tulasi, Pravitra Lokesh and others were okay in their respective roles.




Bheems who was confined to small movies till date got a big offer with 'Dhamaka' and he used it very well. His songs will definitely entertain the masses and will match the energy of Ravi Teja. This BGM is also very good. Karthik Ghattamaneni's cinematography is amazing and he showed his quality. The production values are adequate too. The richness is quite visible on the screen. 'Dhamaka' mainly faltered in terms of writing. Prasanna Kumar wrote a few scenes that cater to Ravi Teja's fans and his dialogues were fine too. But his story is quite routine and proved to be a huge minus. With the story and screenplay proving to be a disappointment, director Trinadhrao Nakkina couldn't do anything with his direction.


Verdict: A Routine Mass Movie


Rating: 2.5/5
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