Avatar 2

'Avatar' is a gigantic movie that arrived back in 2009 and made the world completely awestruck with its jaw-dropping visuals. It was never seen before for the audience across the globe and James Cameron's weaved his magic onscreen. He worked on the project for more than ten years and unfolded a visual extravaganza on the big screens. 'Avatar' turned out to be the biggest hit in Hollywood and created a lot of records. 13 years after the first part, James Cameron arrived with the second part. He spent over 3000 crores on this visual wonder and the entire world eagerly waited for this movie to hit the screens. Amidst huge hype and expectations, this gigantic movie got released and let us see if the movie turned out as expected or not.

Before going into the details of 'Avatar 2', let us look back at 'Avatar' once. Away from the human world, there was a beautiful planet named Pandora and a tribe called 'Navi' lived there happily. Knowing this, mankind decides to throw them away from their own planet and occupy it using their state-of-the-art weapons and machinery. With their skillset, supernatural abilities and sheer willpower, the 'Navi' tribe retaliates on mankind and wins the battle. In this victory, a man named Jack played a key role. He infiltrates into the 'Navi' tribe as one of their own but ends up becoming the leader of them and fights against the humans. This is the story of 'Avatar' in a nutshell. Coming to the second part, the humans are angry on Jack for backstabbing them and joining the side of the Navi tribe. Jack becomes a part of the Navi tribe and becomes one of their own by marrying their girl. The humans decide to kill his entire family as a part of vengeance. How did Jack save his family and win this battle once again forms the rest of the story.

Irrespective of the country, region and language, the reason behind the humongous success of 'Avatar' is James Cameron's wild imagination. The 'Titanic' director created a whole new world named Pandora and everything he showed in that fictional planet was jaw-dropping. Many people thought that it would be great to have a planet like Pandora in real life as well. He took the audience to a whole new world and the experience of watching 'Avatar' in 3D for the first time is inexplicable. There were a lot of visual wonders in Hollywood but 'Avatar' was a cut above the rest. Starting from title 'Avatar' to the main characters which resembles our historic figures made the Indian audience feel more connected to the movie. But 'Avatar' wasn't just a visual extravaganza, Cameron told a soulful story. He showcased the greed of mankind and his want to take everything that sees. He also told what happens when he decides to fight against the nature and it was explained through Pandora world perfectly. Coming to 'Avatar 2', James Cameron once again proved why he is regarded as the biggest filmmaker in the world. His imagination and vision has reached new heights with this film and those magical visuals will leave you speechless once again. His visualization is beyond words and every frame showcased the hard work Cameron and his team did through the years.

But the surprise factor in 'Avatar' is not present for 'Avatar 2' because everything Cameron showcased in the first part was never seen before and excited the audience a lot. He managed to wow the viewers with each scene. As people knew the world they were entering into, the surprise factor is gone and 'Avatar 2' fell short in the story department as well. The grand canvas in which the director presented the efforts of humankind to grab the 'Pandora' world and the fight of Navi kind stunned everyone. But the second part is majorly focused on hero trying to protect his own family which reduced the scope of the story. Despite the visual brilliance, the surprise factor went missing as said before. With a weak story, lack of surprise factor and the three-hour long runtime leaves the audience with mixed emotions. But Cameron made sure that each and every penny we spent becomes worthy while watching the movie.

The legendary director who took inspiration from Indian mythologies for 'Avatar' did the same for 'Avatar 2' as well. The 'Vana Vaasa' part from both Ramayana and Mahabharata seems to be the main inspiration for the story of 'Avatar 2'. With the people of Pandora suffering due to him, the hero goes to live with another tribe who lives by the ocean and keeps a low life. While 'Pandora' is the backdrop of 'Avatar', the ocean becomes the key factor in this part. Cameron tried to showcase the ocean world and the experience of the hero and his kids inside the ocean. Every frame during this part seems like a 4K wallpaper and people will be lost in this world. Despite the stunning visuals, there is no excitement in the story during these parts and they are a bit boring at times as well due to the long scenes in order to focus on minute detail.

There are no big twists in the story and screenplay. The movie runs on a predictable note and we all know that the villain gang will find the whereabouts of the hero one day and the inevitable fight sequence at the end. James Cameron took his own sweet time for narration and stressed more on the beauty of the ocean world and the amazing stunts performed by the actors. They amaze you a lot of times but they get repetitive after a point in time. Even the climax sequence is extended a lot. Though the creatures inside the ocean decide to protect the hero's family which was great to watch and will give you goosebumps, they do not end at the perfect time. The runtime is definitely a big problem for 'Avatar 2' but we can understand Cameron being unable to edit some of those wonderful visual treats. The experience Cameron and his team gives with 'Avatar' too is unmatchable and it is worth every single penny.

But people who expect more in terms of story and twists will be disappointed. The dialogues of Avasarala Srinivas for the Telugu version are brilliant. He should be appreciated for giving a Telugu touch through his witty and strong dialogues. The dubbing is great and people can watch it in Telugu as well without any doubts about the experience getting spoilt because of the dubbing. Watch the movie in a quality 3D theatre and it will give you a satisfying experience. All you have to do is to be patient and go through some boring portions at times.

Verdict: 'Avatar 2' Is A Magical Experience Despite Something Missing!

Rating: 2.75/5
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