Twitter Office Room To Serve Tired Employees With All Facilities!

We have to admit the fact that Twitter is not the same as it used to be earlier. After the world's richest person Elon Musk bought the platform he brought many chances and is surprising everyone. Twitter employees are unable to cope with the changes Elon Musk is bringing.

The latest change is that a few rooms were upgraded into bedrooms. It is said that Twitter management had converted the office rooms into bedrooms so that the staff can sleep there if they feel exhausted.

It is known that Twitter boss Elon Musk earlier urged the employees to work for longer hours or else they will have to leave the office. As they feel exhausted working for the extra time they can take a rest and fall asleep there.

Reports say that the rooms are filled with many facilities so that they can take rest. The modified office rooms are not less than any five-star hotel room.

Not just the beds the modified rooms have other facilities like wardrobe, sofas and washing machine too. It appears like Elon Musk wants to see that the employees will not miss their houses and can do other work in the office rooms.

However, it is said that the new changes the Twitter management reportedly made fall under a big violation as the building where the San Francisco headquarters stand is a commercial building and such changes cannot be made. The concerned authorities are looking into it.

This is an unexpected move from Elon Musk who earlier removed many employees for not following the rules he mentioned. Not just the small employees, but big employees like Chief Executive Officer were also sacked from the office.
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