Gurtunda Seetakalam

'Gurtunda Seetakalam' Movie Review

Cast: Satyadev, Tamannaah, Megha Akash, Kavya Shetty, Priyadarshi and others

Music: Kaala Bhairava

Cinematography: Satya Hegde

Producer: Bhavani Ravi – Nagasekhar – Ramarao Chintapally

Dialogues: Lakshmi Bhupala

Screenplay & Direction: Naga Sekhar

Satyadev is an actor who is known for his good acting skills. He impressed everyone with his character roles and villain roles but the movies in which he played the protagonist have failed to achieve commercial success. He is trying his luck in various genres till now. He got a boost with movies like 'Godfather' and 'Ram Sethu' recently. Now, he is arriving with romantic entertainer 'Gurtunda Seetakalam' and the trailer generated a decent buzz. Let us see how the movie turned out.


Satyadev (Satyadev) is a regular middle class guy. During his school days, he falls in love with a girl but gets rejected. He falls in love with Amrutha (Kavya Shetty) during his college days. Though she likes him, Amrutha insults him about his lifestyle and financial status. But he doesn't want to leave her but Amrutha decides to leave him. While he is going through the breakup, he meets Niddhi (Tamannaah) who is his colleague in the office. Their opinions and likes match which leads them to get ready for marriage. At this point in time, Amrutha decides to come back into Satyadev's life. What does the hero do? Will he ignore Amrutha? What happens to Niddhi? All these forms the crux of the story.


It will be a mistake to assume that one film which succeeds in a language will be received in the same way in other regions too. Especially, remakes are not getting any love from the audience no matter how good they are. At this point in time, the movie's team decided to bring in a regular story from the Kannada film industry and decided to remake it. Sandalwood is in great form right now with movies like 'KGF' and 'Kantara' but they make a lot of routine stuff even now. Bringing a regular love story from Kannada and remaking it in Telugu is definitely a risky plan considering the recent situation. We all know what happened to movies like 'Vaana', 'Kiraak Party' and 'Dear Megha' which are remakes of super hit Kannada movies like 'Mungaru Malai', 'Kirik Party' and 'Diya' respectively. Now, they remade a normal love story like 'Love Mocktail' as 'Gurtunda Seetakalam' and brought Satyadev onboard as the main lead. One might assume that it is a poetic love story after seeing the title but it is a run-of-the-mill love story that often tests your patience.

Most love stories have a common storyline but it is the 'feel' in them that makes them evergreen and grab a special place in the hearts of people. It is that 'feel' which connects with the youth and it is quite hard to achieve. The lead character should be written in a way such that the youth can relate to and the small moments should be magical. The chemistry should be great between the lead pair and the conflict point should be strong and emotional. All these are necessary for love stories to succeed. But 'Gurtunda Seetakalam' ticks none of those boxes. Showcasing the life journey of a person who has love stories from schooling days to marriage is nothing new as we have seen movies like 'Naa Autograph', 'Surya S/o Krishnan', 'Premam' and recent film 'Thank You'. Keeping the results of these films aside, 'Gurtunda Seetakalam' reminds of all these movies and doesn't offer anything new. There are no magical moments in the film and the love story doesn't touch your heart.

When the hero starts narrating his life, a girl (Megha Akash) gets highly excited and keeps on asking what happened next. But she is the only one to feel that way as the audience knows what happens next. The school days love story is quite pale and the college days love story too disappoints the viewers. Though things are quite simple in real life, people watch movies in order to see the same things happen in a more exaggerated and dramatic manner. People expect emotional conflict point which is missing. The romance should be felt by the audience but it went missing as well. The love story in his office makes us feel that the other two love stories are better compared to this. Satyadev's chemistry with Tamannaah is quite bad and her screen presence in this film did not work out. The 'Soul' went missing in this movie and the director tried to make us emotional with a tragic ending but it did not work out. People cannot digest looking at Tamannaah in that manner and barring Satyadev's performance there is nothing to discuss about this movie in a positive way.


Satyadev did many different roles in his career and suited every character perfectly. But this movie shows that he is not perfect for love stories. His looks and screen presence doesn't have the required softness which is needed for these kinds of films. He tried his best and gave a sincere performance. But the lack of strength in story and screenplay made all his efforts go in vain. After seeing him in such an intense role in 'Godfather', it takes time to accept him in 'Gurtunda Seetakalam'.

Tamannaah is not the right match for Satyadev. She got a very important role but her looks were not up to the mark. Her fans will be disappointed with this film as the makeup looked quite artificial which damaged her looks. Kavya Shetty looked good onscreen at times and did a decent job. There is nothing special to mention about Megha Akash and her role. Priyadarshi sleepwalked through the hero's friend role. He did this kind of role many times before. The rest of the cast is fine.


Kaala Bhairavaa worked on a love story for the first time in his career and he failed to live up to the expectations. The songs are not memorable and just go with the flow. We all know how crucial songs are in such love stories. His background score worked in places. The cinematography by Satya Hegde is okay and the production values are adequate.

Kannada director Nagasekhar seems to be unaware of the Telugu audience's liking. One wonders how he imagined impressing the viewers with such a regular movie as many iconic love stories arrived in the last 2-3 decades in Telugu. His narration is dead slow and the scenes lacked substance. The unnecessary dragging makes it a difficult watch.

Verdict: 'Gurtunda Seetakalam' – No Feel, No Magic

Rating: 2/5
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