YCP Can I Wear Green T-Shirt? Asks Pawan Kalyan!

Focusing on the next general elections, Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan decided to go on a bus yatra across the state and opted for an especially designed vehicle. The vehicle was titled Varahi and it is very similar to an army vehicle. Many objections were raised to the colour of the vehicle.

The ruling YSRCP also joined the row and targeted Pawan Kalyan. Former Minister Perni Nani reacted to the vehicle and said green colour is not for everyone and only military vehicles should use the color and even said that the same was mentioned in the Indian Constitution.

This attack did not go well with Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan who asked why the YSRCP has issues with everything related to him. Satirically he shared a picture of a green shirt and asked if he will be allowed to wear this shirt or not.

"1st you have stopped my films; in Vishakapatnam U didn't let me come out of the vehicle & hotel room & forced me to leave the city. In Mangalagiri U didn't let my car go out,then didn't let me walk & now the color of vehicle has become an issue.OK,shall I stop breathing?? Next..," Janasena chief Pawan said on Twitter.

Pawan Kalyan listed out the issues he faced from the YSRCP and asked if the party would ask him to stop breathing. Starting from his films getting treated by the movie ticket rates and his Vizag tour getting canceled citing law and ore order issues, he even mentioned the Mangaalgiri row where his vehicle was stopped.

Though the movie tickets row came as a big blow to the whole industry, Pawan Kalyan's films were targeted mainly and we saw this with Bheema Nayak. Officers were put on the job to see that the tickets are sold at fixed prices. Seeing this, a few theatres were shut. They put up boards saying that due to less prices they cannot run the show.

While Pawan Kalyan's films were forced to strictly follow the rule we did not hear the same when other films were released. The likes of Akhanda and Pushpa were also released but were not targeted.

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