YS Sharmila Reacts As a Telangana Person To Sajjala's Comments!

The political heat in Telugu States-Andhra Pradesh and Telangana went soaring up with the comments made by the Andhra Pradesh Government advisor Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy. Reacting to Undavalli Arun Kumar's comments he said YSRCP strongly feels that AP was subjected to injustice with bifurcation and said if it is possible it wants to combine the state yet again.

The comments he made created havoc and Telangana leaders hit back at him. Telangana Minister Guntakandla Jagadish Reddy said no one can undo the history and asked if Chennai would also be combined with Andhra Pradesh.

YSR's daughter Sharmila who is trying her luck in Telangana politics also lashed out at Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy. Calling the formation of Telangana the result of a fight from people and the ultimate sacrifice made by the martyrs, YS Sharmila asked how he can pass such comments.

Taking the side of Telangana in the issue, YS Sharmila said that Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy's comments hinder the self-respect of Telangana and advised him to not make such comments. She even advised Sajjala to focus on his state(Andhra Pradesh) rather than thinking about how to combine the states again.

Usually strong Telanganites use such a stand and express their anger at the Andhra Pradesh leaders. Many say that YS Sharmila sounded like a Telangana person in this and gave a very strong counter.

On the other hand, political observers say that an unwanted discussion is going on about combining Andhra Pradesh again which is next to impossible. Andhra Pradesh might say yes to this as its economy is not in a good shape. Telangana will not accept this as it will be a great injustice to the martyrs and the movement that lasted for a few decades.

Everyone knows the two states cannot be combined again. This cannot be done. But Andhra and Telangana sentiments will only help the parties. When the opposition parties in Telangana came under one roof and formed a grand alliance, Telangana Chief Minister Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao raised the Telangana sentiment again and sought public support in the previous elections. He went for early polls and sent a strong message to the public that Andhra leaders again came to rule them.
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