AAP On Cloud Nine Despite Losing Gujarat Polls!

The AAP pinned high hopes on Gujarat polls. Though it could not give tough competition in the intense elections it has something t cheer about as it now has the criteria to become a national party. The rule is that the party should have representation in at least three states to enjoy the status as a national party which happened with the recent Gujarat Polls.

AAP is on cloud nine as it became the national party despite losing the Gujarat polls. The Delhi-based party is in power in Delhi and Punjab already and it has managed to open its count in Gujarat making it eligible for the national party status. The party chief released a video announcing the same.

It is an inspiring journey of AAP. In its nine years journey, it saw many heights and emerged as the national party is one of them.No one would have expected that AAP can pull off this. With not that great expectations AAP contested the Punjab polls and won the elections there. It had managed to bank on the anti-wave of the BJP.

Seeing that the parties are slowly spreading their wings, Arvind Kejriwal also decided to grow as the national leader and tasted success in this. This is the reason behind AAP celebrating despite losing the Gujarat polls. However, there were no expectations on AAP in Gujarat.

"We have become a national party. Gujarat people have made us a national party. Very few parties get the status of national party... We have breached the BJP bastion of Gujarat this time and we will surely win next time," the Delhi Chief Minister said in a video he shared on his Twitter.
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