Elections: Himachal Pradesh Maintains Its Track Record!

The grand old Congress party has been on a losing spree. It has been losing one after the other elections and the party is getting weaker and weaker. It is a big wonder to see a party that has a big history and legacy behind it face such a big crisis.

But the party has something to cheer about as its losing spree was stopped temporarily. In the Himachal Pradesh elections, it won 38 seats and crossed the magical figure. It is all set to form the government in the state yet again and the date of the oath taking ceremony would be announced soon.

Though the election result is a piece of good news for the party as it can still believe that it still has a presence in the current political scenario, the trend also helped the grand old Congress party. No incumbent party won the elections.

For a very long time, no ruling party has managed to win the general elections. The Bharatiya Janata Party hoped to break the record. But that did not happen and the party lost the poll.

The state employees played a big role in this. The Congress party promised to return the Old Pension Scheme and this made the government employees shift their loyalties to the party. There are around 2 lakh employees in the state.

Addressing the issues faced by the Apple growers also helped Congress. The party not only promised better prices for the farmers but also assured employment opportunities for 5 lakh youth. Pension for women was also assured.
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