Directors Firing On The Loose Tongue Of This Producer!

Many say that you shouldn't have a loose tongue in order to prosper in life. It is important to succeed in any kind of profession as well. Looks like a certain big producer is unaware of this as he is blurting out statements against heroes and directors which is making them very angry.

Going into the details, he is a big producer who gave a stupendous hit this year. He gained a lot of profits due to that film and decided to make a lot of movies. He has given advances to everyone but is not looking to take those projects on the floors. It is not enough for a producer to book a director, you need to give him a hero. It is not enough for a producer to book the dates of a hero, you need to find a suitable story for him. The producer needs to do all this but the big producer is not taking care of them at all.

He is pressurizing the directors and heroes to start making films under his banner. If it is not happening, he is asking them to return those advances. There is a talk that the producer is not stopping that and started abusing the hero and director with his loose tongue. As everyone knows, the film industry is closely knit and everyone knows what's happening around. People got to know how he is pressurizing the director. Due to this, the heroes and directors are claiming that they will not be working under his production.

A few filmmakers are returning back the advances by themselves and the actors are reportedly refusing to allot call sheets to this producer's movies. Due to all this, he is losing one project after another. It looks the loose tongue of this producer has cost him heavily.
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