Delhi Murder Case: Is This Why Aftab Killed Shraddha?

India was taken by shock by the sensational Shraddha murder case. People could not digest the fact that the suspect killed and chopped his live-in partner over an argument. On top of this, the suspect stored the body part in his fridge for a few days before disposing of them.

Suspect Aftab Poonawala was arrested by the cops and he recorded his statement. He is in custody right now. The case investigation is going on at a good pace. Now it is said that the cops unearthed a big development in the case and a new reason to kill the victim was unearthed.

If we have to take anything from the media reports, Aftab got to know that his live-in girlfriend Shraddha Walkar reportedly went on a date with another person in May. This did not go well with them and he became angry at her.

Though Shraddha stays in Delhi, she went to Gurugram for a date to meet the person she swiped on a dating app. This made things intense between them and they had a big fight. When Shraddha confronted Aftab about the marriage he killed her in the heat of the moment.

As Aftab is said to have told the same to the investigating officers, they went in contact with the officials of the dating app to know the details like with whom Shraddha got into touch and when she went on a date. If the development gets confirmed then the development might be a big breakthrough.
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