'HIT 2' Movie Review

Cast: Adivi Sesh, Meenakshi Chaudhary, Rao Ramesh, Suhaas, Harshavardhan, Komali Prasad, Tanikella Bharani and others.

Music: MM Sreelekha – Suresh Bobbili

Background Score: John Stweart Eduri

Cinematography: Manikandan

Producer: Prasanthi Tipirneni

Writer – Director: Sailesh Kolanu

Sailesh Kolanu who made his debut as a director with a gripping investigative thriller like 'HIT' has now arrived with 'HIT 2'. He developed 'HIT' into a franchise and announced that there will be many more movies arriving in this genre. For the second part, he brought Adivi Sesh as the lead actor and the trailer impressed the viewers a lot. With Sesh being in red hot form at the moment, the movie generated a lot of hype and let us see if it reached those expectations or not.


Krishnadev alias KD (Adivi Sesh) is an SP in the Homicide Intervention team of Vishakapatnam. He is not your regular police officer. He is quite jovial and intelligent who manages to solve every case within not time. He looks down towards the criminals and claims that they are mostly brainless. He even comes in front of the media and undermines them.

After that, he gets challenged by a girl's murder case. He finds out that the dead body consists of parts from different girls. Understanding the seriousness of the case, KD involves himself fully and finds it too challenging. The villain throws him puzzles at every corner. How did KD solve the case? Who is the murderer? What is the reason behind his killings? All these questions will be answered once you watch the movie.


Director Sailesh Kolanu made 'HIT' in such a way that it became a case study for many filmmakers who wanted to make such movies. The movie gives you the feel of reading a mystery novel as it absorbs you completely. It is very detailed and nuanced. He collaborated with Adivi Sesh who is a specialist in action thrillers. Sesh is also the writer for his movies like 'Kshanam', Yevaru', 'Major' and 'Goodachari'. They team up for 'HIT 2' and the trailer raised the expectations to a whole new level. People enter the theatres expecting a lot of the team managed to keep them engaged for two complete hours. They make you get involved in the story right from the first scene and doesn't let you get deviated till the last scene. But the makers failed to reach the standards they imposed on themselves through the trailer and the first part to some extent. There is something missing in the film and you can say that it is that 'Shock' factor. But if you remove those expectations, 'HIT 2' is a decent thriller.

Everyone started to wonder who the villain of this film is. The curiosity increased as the release date approached. This is quite crucial for a murder mystery. Looks like Sailesh Kolanu did his homework once again in this aspect. A hero with a lot of attitude becoming clueless due to the villain and the desperation of the hero added with a lot of mind games make the movie very interesting. The dramatic moments in this film are quite well conceived and without revealing much about the story and twists, one could say that the movie is filled with good detailing though the audience may not understand it every time.

The biggest plus of this movie is the strong role written for the villain and the hero's character gets elevated too because of this. But you will not get completely satisfied after seeing the villain's identity as he looks very weak compared to Adivi Sesh. The backstory of the villain doesn't connect with you and there are a few logics that go for a toss during this period. While 'HIT 2' has everything to make it a perfect thriller, there are some flaws in this movie too.

Director's confidence is visible when he starts to narrate the villain's story right at the very beginning. The expectations get raised heavily but as things turn out, you get a feeling that he should have narrated in another manner. Also, the director revealed some high points in the trailer which worked against the movie. The audience would have been thriller to see it in the theatres for the first time. Due to this, the audience expected more from the movie and 'HIT 2' failed to achieve those hits. This does not mean that it is not a good film. It is just that the movie gives a monotonous feeling as both the movies run in the same pattern and the expectations on the second part were too high. As the team already announced 'HIT 3', they need to make sure that something different is offered to the audience.


Compared to Vishwak Sen in 'HIT', Adivi Sesh appears different in this film. Unlike the regular police officer roles, the lead character has an attitude and doesn't take the criminals seriously. Adivi Sesh excelled in this role and it is in complete contrast with the role he did in his last outing 'Major'. His screen presence and looks are perfect. The change in his character as the film progresses has been portrayed wonderfully by Sesh. He carried the film at times.

Meenakshi as the hero's love is okay. She did justice to her character. Komali Prasad impresses the viewers and Rao Ramesh makes his mark as the hero's superior officer. Suhaas is fine and the rest of the actors are adequate.


Just like 'HIT', this movie also had high technical standards. John Stewart's background scores were loud at times but they portray the seriousness of the scenes quite well. The mood of a thriller film was perfectly conveyed through the music as well as the visuals by Manikandan. His work deserves a special mention. The one romantic song in the movie is nice. Nani and Prasanth have not compromised at all. They showed their class in story selection and technical standards.

Sailesh Kolanu has proved once again that he is exceptional in handling such crime investigative thrillers. But both 'HIT' movies run in the same flow which gives you a monotonous feeling at times. He did not surprise the audience a lot this time and the expectations he raised were too high this time. Nonetheless, he managed to satisfy the audience with his screenplay and decent performances from the lead actors.

Verdict: Engaging But Not Shocking

Rating: 2.75/5
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