Polygraph Test Sheds Light On Aftab Personality!

The Delhi murder case which deals with the brutal death of Shraddha, who was reportedly killed and chopped is still in the news. As the investigating cops got permission from the concerned court to conduct a narco test on suspect Aftab people are showing interest to know the details.

The other day the cops conducted a Polygraph Test on Aftab and he revealed spine-chilling details. It is said that Aftab admitted to killing Shraddha and disposing of the body parts which he had cut. He also told the authorities that he disposed of the body part in the nearby jungle.

But the officials were shocked to hear from Aftab that he has no regrets about killing Shraddha. After saying that he has no regrets, Aaftab reportedly said that he did not inform Shraddha's family about this.

Saying that he has no regrets, Aftab also admitted that he is in a relationship with a few other girls. It is said that Aftab told the authorities that the plan to kill Shraddha was made long back.

"Shraddha murder case | Accused Aftab Poonawala has confessed that he murdered Shraddha and disposed off parts of her body in a jungle. He has also confessed to being in a relationship with several girls: FSL Sources," News Agency ANI said on Twitter.

Recently it is said that the girl whom Aftab dated after killing Shraddha told the cops that he met him and went to his house in May and the date she mentioned alleges that Aftab dated her after killing Shraddha.

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