Golden Chance For B1/B2 Visa Applicants For Festival Season!

America is the preferred destination for many and Indians make up the major share of them. Due to this the waiting period for the Visa appointment is growing like how gold rates go up daily. On average the waiting period is around one year and a few reports earlier said that the period might even tough three years.

As the festival season is fast approaching, the US embassy told a piece of good news to Indians who want to go to America. December is a celebration month in the United States as big festivals like Christmas and New Year fall in the same month. No words can describe the celebrations that go into December month in America.

Now the US embassy told Indians a piece of good news saying that slots were opened for B1/B2 visa applications. However, the facility is applicable for people living in Mumbai, the national capital Delhi and Chennai only.

Though the facility is big news, the opportunity applies to the applicants who are eligible for interview waivers for December in the three metro cities Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai.

It is known that for the festival season the US grants an interview waiver which is also called a dropbox visa. Saying the same the US embassy urged everyone who wants the visa to apply soon.

"Looking for a B1/B2 interview waiver (dropbox) visa appointment? Good news! We've opened a number of B1/B2 interview waiver appointments for the coming month in Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. Book now in time for holiday travel," The US embassy in India said in its tweet.

Looking at the two visas, B1 Visa is called a business visa, and those who want to go to the United States for any conferences or events related to business opt for the visa. Talking about the B2 Visa is a visitor visa. People who want to enjoy travel time take this visa.

Usually, the two visas also see a big waiting period. However, the US embassy will clear the visas of applicants who are eligible for waivers for the festival period. It is a golden chance for the applicants.
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