Nara Lokesh's Interesting Response On YS Viveka Case!

The much-talked-about YS Vivekananda Reddy case took a sensational turn with the Supreme Court transferring the case to Telangana as wished by Sunitha, his daughter. Considering the merit in Sunitha's arguments the bench of the Supreme Court ordered the transfer of the case.

YS Sunitha's long fight yielded a good outcome as the case was transferred. But the development also gave a reason for the opposition parties to target Jagan as his sister is also not believing that the investigation will go without issues in the state where her brother is the Chief Minister.

Former Minister Nara Lokesh reacted to the development and targeted the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister. In his tweet, he said that the case went to a neighboring state and Jagan will go to prison. He even used the AbbaikilledBabai hashtag in his tweet.

The YS Viveka case has been troubling the Andhra Pradesh Government led by YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. YS Sunitha has been alleging that the probe will not happen fairly in Andhra Pradesh. Her fight to transfer the case out of Andhra Pradesh gave another reason for the opposition to target Jagan.

YS Sunitha not showing belief in her brother's government is not a small thing and has already brought a bad image for him. Now the case was transferred to Telangana from Andhra Pradesh. During the arguments, the Supreme Court made some interesting comments. The bench said that efforts to damage the evidence were done.

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