Telangana Congress Itself Has No Trust In Coming To Power?

Despite carrying a rich legacy, the grand old Congress party is struggling to stay relevant in a few states. It is barely in power in a few states. It is giving its best in bringing back the lost glory. The party is somewhat strong in Telangana with a few MPs and MLAs representing it.

With the big goal of coming to power in Telangana in the next general elections, the Congress leadership made firebrand leader Revanth Reddy the chief of the Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee(TPCC). However, there is no clarity on whether Congress can come to power or not.

It is an open secret that the seniors in T-Congress are not happy with Revanth Reddy holding the TPCC position. They are not walking with him in the activities and events planned by the TPCC chief. Moreover, Congress did not win any by-elections after Revanth Reddy was appointed as TPCC President.

Yet again a senior leader expressed his dissatisfaction with Revanth Reddy. MLA Jagga Reddy said that Revanth Reddy should take collective decisions instead of taking decisions on his own and the party runs with collective efforts.

Alleging that Revanth Reddy is not considering the opinions of other leaders Jagga Reddy said that meetings were not held on many key issues and advised that leaders should come under one roof for the party.

Not just that Jagga Reddy made some interesting comments and said that TRS will come to power in the state if elections are held now while the Congress will take the second position. The senior Congress leader said that people will not encourage the Bharatiya Janata Party and Congress will be in the second position.

Jagga Reddy took everyone by surprise with his comments and made many wonder if the Congress party itself has no trust that it can come to power. A senior leader who is serving as the MLA from the party making such comments stunned many.

Without the support and coordination from all the leaders, Congress cannot give a tough fight in the elections. If all the leaders cannot come under one roof the party cannot fight others.

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