Amaravati Verdict: YCP Not Touching Remaining Directives!

The sensitive topic of Amaravati once again reached the Supreme Court after the state government knocked on the doors of the top court challenging the orders issued by the Andhra Pradesh High Court earlier. The Supreme Court stayed the orders and also sought the response of the Union government in this matter.

The YSRCP is fully happy with the Court orders as the orders given by the High Court to develop Amaravati as a capital in just six months. After the court verdict, Advisor to the government, Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy addressed the media and said that he and the party are welcoming it.

Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy stressed the comments made by the Supreme Court on how the court can say no to having three capitals asking how it can say that the Capital city should come in Amaravati.

But the political observers are saying that YSRCP cleverly missed the points mentioned by the Supreme Court and they are only highlighting the points it wanted. The Supreme Court stayed the orders which say that the capital city should be developed in six months.

"We are inclined to examine this issue... Issue notice. Till next date of hearing, there will be a stay of direction 3-7," the Supreme Court bench said hearing the petition moved by the Andhra Pradesh government.

The two directives left out by the Supreme Court hold key powers. The first directive says that the government and the Amaravati Metropolitan Region Development Authority should follow the directives of the Land Pooling rules and they cannot use the land other than for capital construction. But the YCP is not talking about this.

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