Court Grants Protection To BJP leader In MLAS' Poaching Row!

The sensational MLAs Poaching row where the TRS MLAs were reportedly offered money to take BJP's route continues to amaze us with key twists and turns at regular intervals. All twists in the case are on one side and the twists surrounding BL Santosh are on one side.

For the past few days, it has been said that senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader BL Santosh is not responding to the notices sent by the SIT and he is also not appearing before the SIT for questioning. The High Court of Telangana recently asked the SIT to send Santosh another notice.

Stressing the point that BL Santosh's name was not mentioned in the First Information Report in connection with the case, lawyers representing the BJP leader asked how can the notices be served to him.

However, the Advocate General countered these arguments and told the court that there are pieces of evidence against him. Hearing arguments of both sides the High Court issued a stay on the notices served to Santosh by the SIT.

After the SIT served him notices for the second time BL Santosh moved the High Court with a quash petition. He got a big relief in the case now with the court orders.

The controversy speaks about the alleged attempt to take four TRS MLAs to the BJP side. Four MLAs were approached and offered Rs 100 crores each for this. However, the issue came to light when the MLAs approached the Police and the accused were arrested.

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