Did America Indirectly Take Out Its Anger By Targeting Modi?

Big Brother America is surprising the world with its decisions these days. The nation changed the status quo of Afghanistan altogether by calling back the North Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO) forces from there. The Taliban forces saw this as a big opportunity and took over the nation. People in Afghanistan, mainly women are facing a lot of issues with the Taliban rule.

The land of opportunities which is facing a lot of criticism with the Afghanistan issue is now showing concern for Ukraine due to the Russian war. United States President Joe Biden openly lashed out at Russia over the ongoing war and even took the issue to the UN.

Now same America surprised many by talking about a controversial topic related to Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi. Saudi Arabia Prime Minister Mohammed bin Salman was given immunity from a sensational case. To back the decision the United States cited the example of Narendra Modi.

Citing Narendra Modi's example the US said this is not the first time someone received immunity from the United States. "This is not the first time that the United States has done this. It is a long-standing and consistent line of effort. It has been applied to a number of heads of state previously," America said.

America saying this despite the friendly ties between the two nations has raised many eyeballs. Many say that America might have expressed its anger against India as the government here did not listen to it in the Russia-Ukraine war

No matter how strongly America tried to make India listen to it and pressurize Russia to call back the war it did not happen and India had a balanced stand. Keeping the long friendly ties between India and Russia in mind India did not put pressure on Russia.

On top of this, India did not stop buying oil from Russia despite America and other nations imposing sanctions. Experts say that America did not forget what India did and expressed its dissatisfaction and anger at India indirectly by mentioning the controversial incident that happened when Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

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