Who Was the Election Commissioner Supreme Court Spoke About?

Supreme Court is the top court in the nation and anything the court says will become a sensation. Now people are talking about a person on whom the Apex Court showered massive praises. One wonders what great work he has done that the top country said we will such people only once in a while.

Now let us get into the details of the person who was praised by the Supreme court to a level that very rarely we see such personalities. The person earlier served as the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) and made name for his honesty that even Supreme Court spoke about him.

It is known that the Supreme Court is hearing petitions about the collegium-like mechanism to appoint the Election Commissioner. During the same, the bench hearing the petitions said many CECs have served as of now and we rarely see TN Seshan-like officers. Saying that ECs and the CEC are carrying enormous power the bench said we should have the best man for the job.

"There have been numerous CECs and T N Seshan happens once in a while. We do not want anyone to bulldoze him. Enormous power has been vested on the fragile shoulder of three men (two ECs and the CEC). We have to find the best man for the post of CEC. The question is how do we find that best man and how to appoint that best man," the bench said.

TN Seshan left his mark as the Chief Election Commissioner. He followed the rules so strictly that he did not spare anyone who violates the guidelines. Candidates should follow certain rules and they should not bring up sensitive topics like religion while campaigning.

These days we have seen how leaders are openly talking about religion and touching on sensitive issues. Recently in the Munugode bypolls reports said that hundreds of crores were spent on alcohol alone.

Parties also offered gold to the voters reportedly. When we hear such things we feel about the health of the democracy in the nation. We can say surely that we would have not seen such scenes if he was at the top position in the election body. That is why the Supreme Court said very rarely do we see Seshan-like people.
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