BJP Allegedly Uses Foreigners In Campaign Starts a Controversy!

The election fever has gripped Gujarat state already as the election date is fast approaching. The rich state is all set to go for the general elections in a few weeks. All the major parties are giving their best in the campaigning activities so that they can woo the voters in the poll-bound state.

Compared to other parties, winning the general election in Gujarat is very crucial for the Bharatiya Janata Pary. For over three decades, the saffron party has been in power making it its strong fortress. Yet again it wants to prove that the state is a strong hold of it.

Political experts say that the next elections might not be like the previous polls as new parties like the Aam Aadmi Party might give tough competition. A party that is in power losing the elections in its stronghold is not a small thing.

To see that will not happen BJP is giving its best. One such campaign landed in a big controversy as foreign nationals reportedly took part. The BJP shared the video of foreign nationals wearing BJP shawls and speaking to the media. The video gave birth to a big outrage.

People are linking the video with the behavior of the BJP during the anti-agriculture bills protest. Reminding how the BJP created a ruckus on Foreigners supporting the protests they are asking how the party can use foreign nationals for the campaign activities.

When celebrities in other nations supported the farmers who were protesting and demanding the rollback of the agriculture bills, a few Bharatiya Janata Party opposed that and said it is their issue and they will sort it out.

But the same party reportedly using foreign nationals for the campaign became a big issue and the opposition parties are lashing out at the saffron party. A complaint was also filed with the Election Commission against the saffron party for reportedly using foreign nationals.

National Spokesperson of All India Trinamool Congress Saket Gokhale has written to the Election Commission seeking action against the BJP. "Shocking: Foreigners are being used by BJP for campaigning in Gujarat in complete violation of election laws. Also, the foreigners sound Russian raising serious questions of interference in elections. Have written to ECI demanding URGENT action," he tweeted.
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