This Is Court Not Assembly, High Court Tells Lawyers!

There is no need to talk about the political fight between TRS and BJP. The fight escalated further with the alleged MLAs poaching incident. Both parties are making allegations and counter-allegations against each other. The Telangana government is alleging that BJP wants to implement the Maharashtra model in Telangana as well.

The issue even reached the High Court of Telangana as the government moved the court against Bommarabettu Laxmijanardhana Santhosh aka BL Santosh as he failed to appear before the court. The court heard the petition.

Lawyers representing the Bharatiya Janata Party were also present during the hearing. Lawyers of both parties aggressively argued reportedly and this did not go well with the bench of justices.

Reminding the lawyers that they are in court and they should not forget this and they should make their arguments professional. This is not Assembly and they should remember this and make arguments.

Courts always have this pleasant atmosphere and the arguments often peacefully take place. Lawyers sometimes go over the board and lose control in the heat of the moment. They get slammed by the justices on this and it appears like the justices also urged the lawyers to keep this in mind.

As BL Santosh failed to appear for questioning, the High Court is said to have directed the SIT to give notices to him one more time in this regard. If he fails to appear before them one time then there are high chances for the SIT officials to arrest him.

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