SC, ST Atrocities Case booked against YS Sharmila

YS Sharmila's vituperative comments on political rivals are now becoming the talk of the town. After initially ignoring her comments, the ruling TRS now appears to be taking them quite seriously. The TRS leaders are now reacting strongly to her comments, which often border on personal attacks. Recently, Andhole MLA Kranthi Kiran has lodged a case under the SC, ST Atrocities Act  against Sharmila.

Kranthi Kiran has lodged a case with the Jogipet police. It may be recalled that Andhole is an SC reserved constituency. Sharmila expressed surprise at the lodging of an SC ST Atrocities Case against her. She said she has only talked about the corrupt practices of the MLA. “How can any one foist an SC Atrocities Case for raising the issue of corruption,” she asked.

For quite some time, the TRS and other political parties had ignored Sharmila's comments. Even Sharmila used to worry that her comments were going uncontested and that the leaders of other parties were totally marginalising her. But, her comments on Minister Niranjan Reddy drew hot reactions. He made some adverse comments and Sharmila entered a wordy duel with the minister.

Later, some YSRCP leaders also lodged a complaint with Speaker of the Telangana Legislature Party Pocharam Srinivas Reddy against YS Sharmila claiming that she was abusing the TRS leaders and that action should be taken against her.  Similarly, Sangareddy MLA Turpu Jayaprakash Reddy too has reacted strongly to Sharmila's comments.

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