Will KCR put up a TRS candidate or BRS candidate in Munugode?

What will KCR do now? This is the question that is being asked in Telangana especially after the notification for Munugode bypoll is issued. If KCR announces the formation of the national party on Vijaya Dasami day, on what ticket will his candidate contest in Munugode assembly constituency? Will it be on the TRS ticket or on the BRS ticket?

If he forms a new national party , then the TRS ceases to exist as a regional party. In that case, KCR’s candidate for Munugode would be the first candidate to contest on the ticket of the new national party. If he wins what will be his status? Will he be a TRS member in the assembly or sit as a BRS member. What will he do when voting is taken up on any issue?

If it makes the candidate contest on a TRS ticket even after the formation of the BRS, whose order will he take? Will he be a TRS candidate but work under the BRS directions? Will that be permissible under the election rules?  What will be his status if the TRS continues to be in the government in Telangana and the candidate wins on the BRS ticket? All this sounds quite confusing.

The poll notification has thrown the TRS into a confusion. It is not clear whether he would fight the Munugode election on TRS ticket or BRS ticket. One thing, however, is clear. Until TRS’s transformation into BRS is agreed by the Election Commission, the party continues to be known as TRS and it would fight on the car symbol.

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