I Have Learnt A Lot From This Show: Salman Khan

Bollywood Bhaijaan Salman Khan is back again as the host of the popular reality show Bigg Boss. The sixteenth season is arriving and he is the host once again despite the rumours of him leaving the show after so many years. There is a gossip going around that his fees touched 1000 crores in his new deal.

The 'Dabangg' hero spoke to the media virtually and answered some interesting questions. He said, "Well, I am often asked if I am doing the show or not, so I get irritated sometimes and tell these people that I don't want to do the show. But these people are helpless as they feel if not me, then who else. So, they have no choice." When asked about his fees, he explained, "I would never get this much and if in reality I get this amount, I don't think I'd be working. I have a lot of expenses like on lawyers and because of these rumours, income-tax people will start noticing me."

He was asked about the reason for returning to the show and the star stated, "I learn a lot on this show and get to meet so many people, and whenever they go off track, I bring them back in the right direction. I protect the bullied and bully the ones who bully. In the four months when this show goes on, we bond like a family." Talking about couples on the show, he told, "No one. I don't think anyone can play the game inside. It's a different thing. I would not take the names but I would like to have a few contestants who would go inside single but come out from the house together."

He even said that his mother is losing interest in the show. He revealed, "She used to watch it religiously. Now, she also watches other shows. This might be because she feels that she has had too much of 'Bigg Boss'. She tells me to go and teach them a lesson. That is why I get so charged up."

As we know, Salman will soon be seen doing a special role in Megastar's 'Godfather' which is coming out on October 5th.

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