Is This How Uppal Stadium Hosts International Matches?

The cricket governing body in Hyderabad, the Hyderabad Cricket Association has a rich history behind it as it is one of the oldest cricket bodies in the nation. It produced great cricketers who went on to represent India. But that is past and things are not going well for the cricket governing body.

Recently, the HCA faced severe criticism during ticket sales. Many wondered why the cricket body could not sell tickets without any issues. When the ticket sales started there was chaos and many fans were severely injured. This attracted cases against HCA and association president Mohd Azharuddin reportedly for alleged negligence.

The Uppal Stadium is hosting the deciding match for the T20 series between Australia and India and the match will be played today. Ahead of the match, the situation of the Uppal Stadium is raising many eyebrows and the seating facility was not cleaned reportedly.

A few media outlets took pictures of the seating facility at the Uppal Stadium and the seats are filled with bird waste. Going by the pictures, the seats are not good enough to sit on.

The HCA was given enough time to prepare for the match and look into the basic facilities. Looking at the facilities and the chaos that erupted during the sale of tickets, it appears like the body did not put in serious effort. After the ticket sale controversy, the HCA gave a casual reaction.

It is understood that no international matches are played in Uppal Stadium for a long time and there will be a lapse in the facilities. But one month is not a small time and in the given time, the facilities can be sorted out.Moreover, the match played today marks the first international match that is played at the Uppal Stadium in the last three years.

But the facilities at the Uppal Stadium and the efforts made by the Hyderabad Cricket Association are not in tune with the history of the cricket body. Even after the former Indian cricket team skipper  Mohd Azharuddin became the President of the body, the situation did not change and the controversies increased.
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