Jr NTR Angers TDP Fans and Sympathisers With His Response!

By passing a bill, the YS Jagan Mohan Reddy-led Andhra Pradesh government put an end to the history and legacy of the popular NTR Health University as its name was changed to YSR Health University. The irony in the issue is that NTR pitched the idea to have a dedicated University for the medical sciences. For this reason, the University was named after NTR.

The opposition TDP and its sympathisers condemned the development and demanded the government reverse the decision. But the Andhra Pradesh government is not showing any interest in doing so and the government is dubbing the decision to change the name an attempt to honour YSR.

The other day, JR NTR reacted to the development and said by changing the University name, they cannot change the place late NTR has in the hearts of Telugu people. His neutral reaction to the issue angered the TDP followers and sympathisers.

Telugu Desam Party followers on social media are breathing fire on Nandamuri scion Jr NTR for his casual reaction. They did not expect such a lukewarm response from Jr NTR when the name of the University named after his grandfather was changed.

Even the likes of Nara Rohit and Kalyan Ram Nandamuri reacted sharply to the development. Calling the decision wrong, the heroes slammed the Andhra Pradesh government on this and asked what the government will get by doing so.

NTR's calm response and seeing NTR and YSR with equal respect came as a big surprise that, Humanist Babu Gogineni who stays out of politics also took a dig at NTR on his response that he saw Jr YSR's response. He said this on the microblogging site Twitter after NTR reacted to the issue.

However, NTR fans are defending him on the issue and said NTR is not in active politics and reacting to such issues with a strong tone would make him the target of the government, and his career and films would get affected. Citing the example of Pawan Kalyan how his films are targeted in Andhra Pradesh when they are released, NTR fans are saying he cannot sacrifice his film career now.

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