Are Kishan Reddy, Bandi bypassing Eatala?

There were always lingering doubts as to whether Eatala Rajender will adjust himself in the BJP, which is dominated by the RSS culture and traditions. He is from a hardcore Left background and has a history of participating in agitational activities for separate Telangana as part of the TRS. So, many felt that he would be a misfit in the BJP. Now these worst fears appear to be coming true

It is now an open secret that he is unable to get along with leaders like union minister G Kishan Reddy, Dr K Laxman and state president Bandi Sanjay. Sources say that these three leaders are not giving him any importance. In fact, Bandi Sanjay and his group have kept him at arm's length. Ditto with Laxman group.

Sources say even Kishan Reddy faction is maintaining a safe distance from Eatala. Sources say Kishan Reddy feels that Eatala, who is more experienced than him, could become his competitor. Eatala has been a six-time MLA and a three-time minister and has all the abilities and qualifications needed to become the chief minister if the BJP wins the majority in Telangana assembly. So, Reddy is not ready to yield a quarter to Eatala.

The biggest problem for Eatala is that though he is the chairperson of the Joinings Committee, Bandi Sanjay is bypassing him by taking leaders intending to join the BJP directly to Delhi. Several joinings happened without Eatala being kept in the loop. There is a strong feeling that the BJP leaders are bypassing him. Hence, Eatala is finding himself a misfit in the BJP.

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