Why is Rahul Gandhi avoiding Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh?

Serious doubts are emerging about the Bharat Jodo yatra of Rahul Gandhi and its overall planning. Questions are being asked as to why Rahul Gandhi chose South India instead of North India, where elections are going to happen in several states. The political analysts and poll strategists say that he is spending his time in south India, while elections are taking place in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh.

It is now becoming increasingly clear that Rahul Gandhi is not going to give any break to the Bharat Jodo yatra. This means, he would not campaign in both Gujarat and Himachal, whose elections are going to coincide with the yatra. He would be focusing on states where there would be no elections leaving the states that go to the polls. This, according to many poll strategists, is a bad idea.

They warn that if the Congress loses in both Gujarat and Himachal, then the morale and spirit of the Bharat Jodo yatra will weaken considerably. The interest in the yatra will wane and the people will begin questioning the very rationale of the yatra when the elections are taking place in some states. The Congress, according to them, will have a tough time explaining to the people as to what is the use of the whole yatra.

Even poll wizard Prashant Kishor has questioned as to why Gujarat and Himachal were omitted from the yatra route-map. In both these states, the BJP is on the ascendance and is likely to come back to power. In both the states, the Aam Aadmi Party is making a determined bid to push the Congress to the third place.

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