Jagan's masterstroke throws TDP off balance

Has YS Jagan played a master card by changing the name of the AP Health University? There is more to the change of the university's name from NTR health university to YSR health university, say those in the know. By this one decision, YS Jagan has changed the discourse in the state of Andhra Pradesh, they argue.

The university's name change has made the print and electronic media that largely owes its allegiance to the TDP take up this issue. The spate of debates and discussions have followed and the media space has been totally occupied by this issue. As a result, the discourse on Amaravati capital issue, so assiduously built by the pro-TDP section of the media has got completely washed away.

In fact, the pro-TDP sections of the media have worked very hard and created a buzz around the capital issue. The yatra to the north Andhra region was given considerable coverage in the media. The opinions and the photographs of those taking part in the yatra were given high exposure. They were being projected like they are freedom fighters.

Now, with one stroke, YS Jagan has completely edged out the Amaravati issue. Now the whole focus is on NTR and the media too is left with no option but to take up this issue. Thus, Jagan has ensured that the pro-TDP media shifts its focus away from the Amaravati issue. Thus, jagan has successfully managed to entrap the TDP and the media.

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