How Is Deverakonda's 'Highway'?

A lot of filmmakers are taking scenes and plotlines from Korean films and Hollywood films which are not accessible to the common audiences and are making thriller films. A few of them are buying the remake rights to avoid the issue of fines and copy allegations. But there are a few who try to make original movies with their own stories. They are not taking any inspiration from Hollywood or Korean movies and are making psychopath murder-mystery thrillers.

Follywood the Hollywood style, popular cameraman KV Guhan turned into a director with '118' which is a thriller. It was successful but he is boring the audience by repeating the same content again. Recently, he came up with a psycho thriller titled 'Highway' which has Anand Deverakonda as the hero and Manasa Radhakrishnan as the heroine. 'Paatal Lok' fame Abhishek Banerjee played a key role and it is streaming on 'Aha' from 19th August.

Dhee (Abhishek Banerjee) is a psycho killer. He takes young girls to a lonely place and ruthlessly murders them. He creates a panic in the entire city with these killings. Saiyami Kher plays the police officer's role who is appointed to catch him. Vishnu (Anand) is a still photographer in Vizag. He goes on the highway along with his friend Samudram (Satya). At the same time, Tulasi (Manasa) travels to meet his father in Manguluru. She meets Vishnu in the journey and he leaves her near a bus stop. What happens then? Did Tulasi get caught in the hands of the psycho killer? Will she be saved? The answers to these questions form the rest of the story.

The film starts off on a thrilling note but it falls off track quickly. It tests the patience of the audience with its routine scenes and narration. It fails to engage the audience. The climax scene is conceived in a very silly manner and Guhan disappoints the audience heavily. Anand Deverakonda looks like a regular guy but he doesn't get any scope to perform. Manasa Radhakrishnan did a good job in a few key scenes. Abhishek Banerjee perfectly did the psycho killer's role. Saiyami Kher is okay and the rest of the actors are decent. It is tough to enjoy this routine thriller. One fails to understand how Anand Deverakonda accepted this flick as the good name he earned through 'Middle Class Melodies' and 'Pushpaka Vimanam' has been put in danger by 'Highway'.
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