Brutal Craze To US Dreams: Visa Application Taking 500 Days

No matter what, the United States is the preferred destination of Indians for various reasons. Be it for education or to settle, Indians prefer the United States. Even when the US dollar reached an all-time high price compared to Indian currency, the love for America did not come down.

No factor has managed to bring down the craze for America among Indians. As a stunning example of that, one has to wait for around one-and-a-half years even for the visitor visa. This is the time estimated time mentioned by the US State Department in its official data. Even getting a visa appointment takes around 500 days.

Though Indians have to wait for around 500 days to get a visa appointment at the US Consulate, the waiting time for the Visa varies from city to city. The National capital Delhi has the highest waiting time for a visitor visa with as many as 582 days followed by Hyderabad with 510 days.

On the flip side, student visas are taking less time compared to tourist visas. 500 days is not a small time and this shows how brutal the craze to enter America is.

The waiting period mentioned by the official website is not to say that the aspirants will get the visa. The time is just for the interview and various factors will determine if the aspirants would get a visa or not. The staff at the US Embassy are putting extra effort to address the huge demand.

A few months back, the US embassy that it is working on roping in as many staff members as possible to look into the growing demand. Though it has been a few months since the Embassy made the big announcement, it appears like it has not translated to practicality. No one knows how the US Embassy would deal with the growing demand.
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