Why Is Bollywood Observing The Happenings In Tollywood?

It is known to everyone that there is uncertainty in Tollywood at the moment. There are problems regarding the remunerations of heroes, occupancy in theatres, OTT releases and others. They are getting solved one after the other in the last few days. They came to the conclusion that there needs to be a gap of 8 weeks between theatrical and OTT releases.

They are also coming to the conclusion that people will come to theatres only if the ticket and food items rates are reduced. The rest of the issues will also be solved in the coming few days. The meeting which will be held today is going to be very crucial. Speaking to the media, Dil Raju said that the happenings in Tollywood is being closely observed by the Bollywood industry and added that they are getting updates about everything.

Everyone is now wondering why Bollywood is showing interest in our ongoing issues. As we know, Bollywood is going through a very rough period ever since the pandemic hit the nation. On top of that, they did not have one single hit. Even the big budget films with huge stars have turned out to be massive failures. Barring a few small films, the collections at the box office are not at all encouraging.

People not willing to step into the theatres has become a major problem. The effect of OTT is clearly seen and the amount of budget spent on the films is not returning back in the form of collections. They need to get things under control as soon as possible. With the steps taken by Tollywood, the other industries are also trying to replicate them so that the costs are reduced and returns get increased.
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