Amaravati farmer protest to go high-tech, QR code for protesters

Amaravati farmers, who have been on an agitation for the last 976 days with the single-point agenda of making Amaravati as the sole capital of the state, are now going high-tech.The farmers would now have a state-of-the-art website and those who want to take part in the agitational programmes will have to register themselves by clicking the QR code.

The high-tech registrations are meant for the upcoming Assembly-to-Arasavalli padayatra that the farmers are planning to launch from September 12, which is the 1000th day of the protest. The yatra would be for a period of 60 days and those participating will have to register themselves using a QR code. They will have to indicate as to how many days they would be part of the yatra and at which place they would join it. They would have to give other details like health condition and medical requirements also.

The yatra would be on the lines of the Nyaya Sthanam-to-Devasthanam yatra that the farmers took out to Tirupati for 44 days. The route map of the upcoming yatra would be announced soon.  The route map would be submitted to the DGP and permission would be sought for the yatra. If the government denies permission, we would approach the court for permission, a functionary of the Farmers Action Committee said.

This yatra would cover six districts of the north Andhra region. There is a strong sentiment in and around Vizag in support of the proposal for the administrative capital city at Vizag. Unlike Tirupati, this yatra could encounter opposition from the locals. Even during the last yatra, there was mild opposition in Kurnool and Tirupati towns to the procession.
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