Seven YSRCP leaders in Pawan Kalyan's radar?

Jana Sena chief and actor Pawan Kalyan has reportedly decided to target seven key YSRCP leaders in the 2024 elections. He wants to defeat them in the elections and is said to be focusing on preparing strategies to politically decimate them. The reason? These seven leaders have been particularly harsh on Pawan Kalyan and his statements.

Interestingly, several such leaders, who are under the Pawan Kalyan lens are from his own community. Leaders like Botsa Satyanarayana, Ambati Rambabu, Kannababu and Perni Nani are from the Kapu community. The other three - Kodali Nani, Anil Kumar Yadav and Vellampalli Srinivas are from non-Kapu communities.  Sources say that Pawan has got special studies done on the popularity of these leaders in their respective communities. He wants to put up strong candidates or support winnable candidates of other parties so that these candidates are defeated.

In fact, Pawan Kalyan has specifically mentioned Gudivada constituency which Kodali Nani represents. He said Gudivada was turned into a gambling den due to the MLA's action. He said Gudivada has also become a haven for those involved in illegal sand mining. Both are seen as direct attacks on Perni Nani.

Pawan is particularly upset over minister Ambati Rambabu. Criticising Pawan Kalyan and his Jana Sena, Ambati said that before actually fighting the YSRCP, Pawan must first decide whether he would put up candidates in all the 175 assembly seats. Jana Sena sources say that the same Ambati was all humility and sought Jana Sena workers' support in the 2019 elections. Now, he is targeting Pawan himself, they said.

Pawan is also angry that the YSRCP leaders were making personal attacks. He feels that while the criticism of the policies and programmes of any party is welcome, there should be no attacks at the personal level. He feels that the YSRCP leaders are resorting to character assassination.
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