What's the untold story behind Nitin Gadkari's removal?

Removal of Union Minister and former national president of the party Nitin Gadkari from the highest decision-making body of the BJP is causing ripples both within and outside the party. Nitin Gadkari is quite young and active. He also has led the party during difficult times when the party was out of power.  Yet, he was unceremoniously removed from the parliamentary team of the party.

The people are questioning as to how a septuagenarian like Yediyurappa could be accommodated and how a young and active leader like Nitin Gadkari is removed. No plausible explanation is forthcoming for Nitin Gadkari"s removal. His removal is being seen as an attempt to marginalise all those who could emerge as competitors to Amit Shah in future.

People recall how Modi has denied presidentship to senior party leader LK Advani, who almost single-handedly built the party from the scratch and M Venkaiah Naidu, who rose through the ranks of the party.  In fact, Venkaiah"s name was not even considered for the president"s post and relatively unknown Draupadi Murmu was preferred in his place.

Sources say that Nitin Gadkari is one of the best ministers in Modi"s team and his performance has been ranked very high. He is also considered quite close to the RSS establishment. In fact, he is from Nagpur and Nagpur is where the RSS headquarters is located. It remains to be seen as to how Nitin Gadkari tackles this challenge and how he bounces back.
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