Why BJP is Waving Lakhs of Loans While It Doesn't Want Freebies?

The freebies offered by the political parties have become a big issue and even the Supreme Court took a serious note of it and observed that there is a need to stop the freebies or else the economy would have to face an issue. Aggresying with the Supreme Court, the Centre also said that the culture is dangerous.

However, the opposition parties are having issues with this and are countering the claims made by the Centre. The Delhi-based AAP which is locking horns with the saffron party is hitting back at the BJP in this. Recently, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said there is nothing wrong with giving freebies as people will get benefited.

Singing the Chief Minister's tune his deputy also started attacking the saffron party. Not happy with the version of the BJP on freebies, Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia lashed out at the loan waivers of rich people which is impacting the economy.

Coming down seriously on waving off lakhs of crores loans taken by the big people, the Delhi Deputy asked why the government is not talking about this while it wanted the political parties to stop freebies. Freebies go to people but what about the loan waves under the Dostwadi model, the Deputy asked.

If the BJP is really worried about the economy and people, then why don't the saffron party reduce the GST on various goods and services? Why the BJP is not ready to talk about this while it wanted to talk only about the freebies, AAP asked.
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