Why Are Mega Fans Bashing Dil Raju?

Star producer Dil Raju is facing a tough situation right now. Apart from his recent movies like 'Rowdy Boys', 'Thank You' and others tanking at the box office, he earned a very bad reputation among the insiders as well the regular people for continuing the shooting of his 'Varasudu' despite the ongoing strike in Tollywood.

On top of everything, the Mega fans are now firing on Dil Raju for not releasing any updates about his 50th production venture. As we know, it is a huge project featuring Mega Powerstar Ram Charan as the lead and legendary filmmaker Shankar directing it. The shooting of this project commenced long back and sources claim that almost half of the filming has been wrapped up.

The 'Bommarillu' producer has not released a single update regarding this film till date and fans of the 'RRR' hero are now demanding the team to release either the first look poster or the teaser. They are bombarding the social media handles of Dil Raju with these demands and the hashtag which says #WakeUpDilRaju is trending since morning.

But what the fans need to understand is the fact that Dil Raju himself is in a pickle right now. While facing the heat from all ends, Shankar is all set to resume the shooting of 'Indian 2' which means that #RC15 will be kept on hold. With the shootings being stopped at the moment, all his movies came to a halt and he will soon be facing a lot of burden due to the interests piling up on him. Since #RC15 is a prestigious film for Dil Raju, he needs to make sure that it doesn't get delayed long. With all these going around in his mind, it is definitely not the time for the fans to pressurize him about updates. Isn't it?
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