Sheer Hypocrisy: People Use Condoms, But Objects Condom Ad?

We are living in the 21st century and India is trying to compete with the western nations and being liberal is not on the list. No matter what, India has a conservative society and people still think sex is taboo. Forget about older people, even youngsters can't talk openly about sex and sex life.

When celebrities talk about it, they are labeled as bad. Earlier when Samantha Ruth Prabhu said about preferring sex over food, she was trolled brutally. At regular intervals, people raise the issue and troll her.

As another example to show how conservative the Indian society is, a condom ad on a metro train caught everyone's attention and the issue created a big uproar. The issue created an impact to a level that the metra authorities had to react to the same and issue a clarification.

Going into detail, a condom ad was spotted inside a lady compartment in Delhi metro. The ad shows a lady on top of her partner and promotes the usage of condoms. Though the company placed the ad to promote the condom, many did not like it and the Delhi metro authorities received a flood of complaints.

On Twitter, many social media users tagged the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation(DMRC) and sought action against this. Reacting to the same, the authorities said that the ad has been removed and there is no more issue with the ad.

One fails to understand what's wrong with the ad. If women are shown in an objectionable manner, then it is an issue. But it is just a condom ad and there is nothing to worry about. But many passengers and netizens found it objectionable and they made sure that the authorities take it off.

Using condoms is not a bad thing and it is the need of the hour given the rate at which the population is increasing worldwide. Talking about India, the government is promoting family planning so that the population gets reduced.

Indian population has reached a point where in a few years, we might overtake China. This shows the hypocrisy of Indian society. Many people use condoms, but people have issues with the ad. Post pandemic, condom sales increased, and still, people see condom ads as objectionable.
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