Nitish Kumar Rubbishes BJP's Narrative on Leaving BJP!

Usually, the Bharatiya Janata Party shocks the other political parties by toppling the governments. But the saffron party suffered a big shock after its apply party left the alliance and joined hands with opposition parties to form the government. No one would have predicted the development.

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar who has been with BJP as an ally party for over two years shocked the BJP and quit the alliance. The opposition parties which have been waiting to teach a big lesson to BJP came forward to extend their support to Nitish Kumar.

The BJP which suffered a big shock started sending a new opinion that Nitish Kumar wanted to be the Vice President of the nation and when the BJP is pushing another person for the post, he decided to leave the alliance. None other than BJP Rajya Sabha member Sushil Kumar Modi alleged this. He said that not getting the post made Nitish quit the alliance.

The allegations started spreading like a wildfire as a Rajya Sabha member made these comments. After the comments went viral, Nitish Kumar who recently took an oath as the Chief Minister for the eighth time in his career reacted to the rumours.

Reacting to the rumours, Nitis Kumar said that there is no truth in this and false narrative is being spread by the BJP. Highlighting how the JDU supported BJP in the Vice President, Nitish Kumar asked why he would wait these many days if he had eyes on the Vice President post.
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