Why London Firm Approached Supreme Court Against Jagan Govt?

The Andhra Pradesh government led by YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has many issues that are troubling him and the much-talked-about Amaravati capital issue is surely one of them. Not just one of the troubling issues, the Amaravati row is haunting the state government at regular intervals, the issue is giving shocks to the Jagan sarkar.

Yet again, the issue reached the Supreme Court and the Apex Court asked for a response from the Andhra Pradesh government. Surprisingly, the petition was not filed by the farmers in the state or locals from the Amaravati region which was proposed as a capital city.

An international company named Foster + Partners based in the United Kingdom which is regarded as one of the biggest architectural companies in the world has moved the Supreme Court against the Andhra Pradesh government over the due in payments for the work it has done.

The firm reportedly approached the state government over the payments it wants from the Sarkar. With no positive response from the government, the London-based firm knocked on the doors of the Apex Court. Accepting the petition, the bench of the Supreme Court led by Chief Justice of India NV Ramana served notices to the state government and AP Capital Region Development Authority (APCRDA).

Many wonder what work the London firm did for the Andhra Pradesh government. But the London firm has worked on the Amaravati capital design which was proposed by the previous government led by Telugu Desam Party.

The TDP pinned high hopes on the capital design and dubbed it a world-class design. However, the party suffered a humiliating loss in the 2019 general elections and YSRCP rose to power. YS Jagan Mohan Reddy who supported the Amaravati proposal when he was opposition leader took a big u-turn and said that the state would have three capitals for the overall development of the state.

Its been three years since the Jagan Mohan Reddy's party came to power. Still, there is no clarity on what happens with the capital city. Amid this, the London-based British architectural firm Foster + Partners approached the Apex Court. Now we have to see what Jagan will do now.
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