TDP Rebel MP’s Behaviour Makes Many Feel he insulted CBN!

As if the existing issues in the party are not enough, the grand old Telugu Desam Party is suffering from the alleged rebel behavior of an MP. For the past few days, he is hinting at a possible rift with the leaders and leadership. Adding fuel to this, the leadership is reportedly nurturing the MP's younger brother and this did not impress the MP.

The MP who is giving sleepless nights to party leadership and the spymasters is none other than Kesineni Nani, who represents the Vijayawada Parliament constituency. For quite some time, things are not going well and reports say that he is not happy with the party leadership on various things.

People all talking about the alleged rift between Telugu Desam Party leadership and Kesineni Nani with the way, he behaved with the party chief when he landed in the national capital Delhi. The TDP MPs came to welcome Nara Chandrababu Naidu.

After presenting Nara Chandrababu Naidu with a shawl as a token of welcoming him, Galla Jaydev asked Kesideni Nani to present Chandrababu Naidu with a bouquet. But Nani said no this straightaway and this grabbed everyone's attention.

Based on the pictures and videos that are doing rounds, Kesineni Nani not only rejected the proposal to hand over the bouquet but also kept his distance from Chandrababu Naidu and stood aside from the rest of the MPs.

The behavior of Kesineni Nani made many feel that the MP insulted the party chief and the way he acted is what not accepted. Many feel that Kesineni Nani is not ready to forget the issues he has with the leadership and the recent meeting only shed light on this.

The alleged issues popped up when reports said that the Telugu Desam Party leadership started grooming Kesineni Nani's brother and there is a possibility that MP's brother might be given a party ticket in the next polls as well. As Kesineni Nani is likely to stay away from the polls, the TDP leadership is believed to have decided to groom MP's brother Chinni. As the brothers reportedly have internal issues, Kesineni MP is not happy with TDP bending toward his brother.
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