Contrast Views of India, US Supreme Courts On Pregnancies!

Without any doubt, the United States is in a better position compared to India in almost all aspects. Be it the facilities, infrastructure, standard of education, and others. Coming to currency, the US dollar is in a very good position in comparison to the Indian rupee. Recently, the Indian rupee fell to a historic low and surpassed the 80 mark as well.

But India beat the US in one thing and as far as the issue is concerned, India is in a good position. Compared to the women in the United States, women in India are enjoying good rights and the law is giving them a helping hand in enjoying rights and freedom.

The other day, the Supreme Court of India gave a landmark verdict in terminating the pregnancies. Drawing a comparison between married and unmarried women, the Apex Court asked why women are being divided as married and unmarried women.

The Supreme Court Bench led by Justice DY Chandrachud said that there is no need to see married women and unmarried women differently in terminating pregnancies and unmarried women should also be given chance to decide on their pregnancy before 24 weeks of carrying.

The verdict given by the Supreme Court has made many compare it with the verdict given by the Supreme Court in the United States on the same issue. The verdict given by the top country in America in connection with pregnancy termination did not go well with many

If we look at the verdict given by the Supreme Court of the United States, the court had changed the status quo in the abortion laws. With its order, the top court put an end to the rights which grant the right to take a call on the pregnancy. For over 50 long years, women have been deciding on their pregnancy.

Sadly, the right was canceled as the Supreme Court said that pregnancy termination is not granted by the Constitution. By overturning 1973’s Roe v. Wade verdict, the top court said that women cannot decide whether or not to have a pregnancy. A few states already started looking at pregnancies as prohibited practice and boards saying the same were set up outside the clinics.
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